Tuesday, 8 May 2012

it's gardening time...

While I have been pondering a really good post...it hasn't come together in my head yet. But it will be awesome when it does!

In the meantime, here's where I've been doing my deep thinking:

Built a new garden...

Mostly to hide the hideous well head awkwardly placed in our yard. 

And utilitarian has become beautiful!

Todd and I hauled the rocks out of the hill next to our property, and I pulled up all the sod and roots, brought in lots of soil, peat moss, and mulch...

Transplanted some hostas from another garden bed, and found those pretty fiddleheads in the forest.

Hens and chicks, freshly watered...

Some blooming heather for some winter and early spring color...

Our "found" art...discovered on a day spent roaming the small towns around Edmonton, AB. It reminded us of home, and now it's at home here in Nova Scotia. Yep, we've been around!

Promise of new growth and years of blooms on my new hydrangea.

There's something about fiddleheads that sings "spring" to me!

Looking forward to seeing the flowers and grasses come up and fill out this quiet place...


that's funny.

who am I kidding? there's no quiet here!

but I can dream.

in my garden.

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  1. Wonderful post, Melissa. I totally love the pictures that you shared. Spring is my favourite time of year. Things seem to be coming a bit slow here, but my orange tulips are finally blooming. I am looking forward to putting in the vegetable garden and doing some greenhousing next week. Take care.


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